Leadership & English Skills

Leadership & English Communication 17

Speak more professionally in English to increase your leadership and your business success

We often find extraordinary leaders fading in meetings only because the language spoken during the meeting is English.

On the other hand, we find people speaking native English level performing in meetings like extraordinary leaders because of their extraordinary language skills.

Extraordinary leaders in a global environment need extraordinary Leadership Competences, but overall outstanding English Communication Skills. In fact, in this environment English Communication Skills determines the leadership impact in others and therefore the business success.

Even if you are comfortable speaking in English in front of others in a business meeting, it will be very useful for you to improve your English communication skills to be able to deploy your full potential as a leader.

With our “Leadership & English Communication” method you will learn both competences at the same time while you are working at your workplace.

“Leadership & English Communication” is a hands-on English Communication Skills method focused on improving communicative competences in English where the teachers act as facilitators at your workplace while you are working for the efficiency of the learning process.

Our method focuses to improve your leadership and your professional communication in English for successful business interactions.

With the supervision of native speakers and team coaches you can get feedback on your most common English errors, as well as on the intercommunications skills; at your workplace while you are working.

So, you can improve your English language skills and at the same time you develop interpersonal leadership competences, to become a more extraordinary leader.

Benefits to you with our “Leadership & English Communication” method:

  • + Individual feedback on your communication skills
  • + Improving your English communication skills for greater success in meetings and negotiations
  • + Increasing your confidence when using English in a business environment
  • + Perfecting your skills in English to be more effective